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The Qest4 is a high-tech hardware and software system that puts the power of bioenergetic testing in your hands. It is the perfect complementary tool for your practice, packaged in one powerful bundle with no necessary add-ons.

For maximum convenience, you may load the software on more than one computer within your practice or at home.

Call us at (229) 777-7712 or email questions@qest4.com to order.

Qest4 System

Includes: Qest4 hardware console, Qest4 installation software (on USB Flash drive or available for download), patient interface electrodes and electrode base, imprintable photon laser, USB cable, power supply and smart charger.

Comprehensive Warranty

The Qest4 is one of the most powerful and reasonably priced systems available to health care practitioners interested in bioenergetic testing. When you purchase the Qest4, you're not just buying another piece of equipment-you're acquiring a powerful new addition to your practice, backed by a comprehensive five year warranty and incredibly valuable extras!

The statements and videos on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA and Qest makes no medical claims.

Purchase Options

Purchases may be finalized with cash, check, or credit card.

Contact us at questions@qest4.com to order.


  • Additional imprintable photon lasers:
    $125.00 ea.

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