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Qest4 USA travels to Europe for seminar

Posted Nov 2015

A team of top players from Qest4 USA recently traveled to Europe for a very anticipated conference. The group included the vice president of Qest as well as the director of U.S. distributions and training. A lot was accomplished during this trip. The goal was to standardize the training and support in both European and United States markets. As a result, Europe will now be teaching the same protocol that has been so successful in our classes here in the U.S. This will help bring a greater sense of community and inspired confidence to all practitioners around the globe.

Qest4 USA also met with distributors throughout Europe disucssing ways we can work together to improve and enhance the Qest system. Topics included working on more and better online support, training and certification for all users. Seminars were held in Holland and London with many positive comments coming from those in attendance afterward. We hope to do more in the future to help unite our distributors and users.

We would like to thank our hosts, distributors, practitioners and everyone in Europe who made this trip a success. Thank you for being a part of the Qest team as we strive to make the world's #1 bioenergetics testing device even better moving forward!

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  qest4 european conference 2015
QEST4 Seminar October 2015
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