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Qest4 European Conference 2017

Posted March 2017


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This year's premiere bio-energetic testing event for Qest4 users in Europe and UK will take place on May 20th and 21st in Netherlands. This event is part of an international program of bi-annual events. The second event for 2017 will be the annual Qest4 Think Tank in the United States which dates will be announced for later this Autumn. These conferences are designed to give Qest4 practitioners inspirations, updates and insights to make the very best of their practice.

Building the best possible practice involves the combination of functional medicine knowledge, energetic medicine insights, coaching skills, good business practice, and being creative with your Qest4 system.

In this years European conference, curated by Qest International, we will be bringing you a wide range of presentations to help you achieve these goals. We are sure that you will thoroughly enjoy this event and improve your practice.

We invite our practitioners from all across Europe to join us this May in the beautiful city of Utrecht.


Conference Topics To Include


  • Interpreting biomarkers that show up in bio-energetic testing and using them as a guide for further scans

  • Build your client questioning and dialogue skills for Qest4 consultations

  • Learn a time-tested and structured protocol to combine functional insight, supplements recommendations and energetic treatment in a logical framework

  • Find out how to look deeper at the emotional roots of health conditions using Qest4 tests

  • And much more


Confirmed Speakers Include


  • Stephane Provencher
  • Lois Duquesnoy
    Asyra practitioner, Homeopath, Cranio-Sacral Therapist
  • Donna Draper
    Asyra practitioner, Homeopath, Scenar practitioner & Trainer
  • Mark Conrad
    Director of Qest International
  • Carol Galloway
    Director of Qest LLC
  • Kees Bezemer
    Senior Trainer for Qest4 in Netherlands
  • Renee Brooks
    United States Distributor, Instructor and Certification Director For Qest Bio-energetic Technology
  • Nathalie Albrecht
    Orthomolecular therapist PNEI and Asyra practitioner

For more information call: +44 (0)1730 233 414

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